Investment Wisdom of Tony Gray

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Investment first looks not so hard, but in reality, only a few people have succeeded in the stock market. And Tony Gray is one of these few successful investors. This is the quote from a famous newspaper: "Peter Lynch was good. Tony Gray is better."

In 1991, Tony Gray smashed Peter Lynchs record for a return on a ten year investment. You dont need an MBA or the experts. In fact, you dont have to be anywhere near the Wall Street. All you need is your own common sense and an understanding of the basics, and you can make money. Well, there is no secret at all: Buy what you know, what you use, and never give in to a trend.

Tony shared all his wisdom and experience in his book "A Thousand Miles From Wall Street", and we carefully selected his best quotes to share with you in this application. We learned a lot, and so do you.

- Universal app (support both iPhone/iPod and iPad)
- Include 110 carefully selected among the best wisdom of Tony Gray
- Support Favourite Wisdom
- Support customizing font name and font size
- Support customizing 4 transition types: Flip, Blur, Slide Horizontally and Slide Vertically
- Choose among 10 beautiful background images
- Email wisdom to friends